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The Canary Islands - Latitude of life

22ºC yearly average and a
fluctuation of 6ºC during the year

The temperatures of the Canary Islands are characteristically mild and constant, always spring-like. The monthly average is 18ºC in January and 24ºC in August, making the yearly average 22ºC. Besides, the difference between the coolest time of the night and the hottest time of the day is only 7ºC, meaning that there is very little fluctuation.

To understand that these temperatures and the high level of well-being as regards the weather are a privilege of nature, we only have to compare them with the rest of Europe.

In winter, the average in the islands is 18ºC, while in the main cities in southern Europe it is 8ºC and in the countries of central and northern Europe it is 0ºC.

In the summer, the average temperature on the coasts of the Canary Islands is 23ºC, six degrees higher than the main European cities. At the hottest time of the day, the temperature only reaches 27ºC, as opposed to the 37ºC of some of the best known tourist destinations on the Mediterranean. However, in the summer season the average temperature doesn’t go below 20ºC, while in the main European cities it is 13ºC.

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The expert’s
"If I had to define what the summers and winters in the Canary Archipelago are like, I’d say that many areas on mainland Spain would love to experience the summer-like winter weather the Islanders enjoy."

Minerva Piquero Presenter and "female weathercaster"