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The Canary Islands - Latitude of life

Clean waters and
refreshing dips all year round

Clean waters and <br />refreshing dips all year round

The Canary Islands are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, which is especially rich in sodium. They are some of the best thermal waters in the world and, due to the volcanic nature of the islands, they also have some of the best medicinal mineral properties.

This is why the Canary archipelago is the ideal place for thalassotherapy treatments, which consist of the use of sea water and other marine products such as seaweed and mud. These treatments, combined with being out in the open air and exposed to the rays of the sun, contribute to improving health. Thalassotherapy helps the detoxification of the body, improves the gastric and intestinal functions, stimulates circulation and reduces cardiac rhythm.

Besides, the quality of the sea water around the Canary Islands is excellent and their beaches are regarded as open air spas. This is why they have been awarded a large number of blue flags, the European eco-label which guarantees the water is clean and meets environmental criteria as well as certain other standards.

Would you like
to find out about
other benefits?

  • Sea water contains the 89 elements present in our organism and releases antiviral, anti-bacteria and hormonal substances.

  • Thalassotherapy treatments provide such valuable minerals as iodine, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, fluoride, silicon … as well as vitamins, amino-acids and other substances that favour health and delay the ageing process.

  • Bathing in sea water helps to eliminate liquid and prevent insomnia. It is very effective for skin complaints such as dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, wounds…

The sea

On the coast, the sea breeze is loaded with negative ions which detoxify and relax you. The air is full of mineral salts and acts like a spray that is beneficial for the respiratory tract and for the skin.

The expert’s
"Bathing in the sea surrounding the Islands is a revitalising therapy due to the therapeutic effects which are so beneficial for our health, and are provided by the sea water and the spa-like sensation found on the shore. Without a doubt, the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world".

Eduardo Navarro García Professor of medical hydrology and climatology