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The Canary Islands - Latitude of life


  • ONE. Organiser, Territorial Scope, Dates and Participants
  • TWO. Goal
  • THREE. Prizes
  • FOUR. Participation
  • FIVE. Claims
  • SIX. Publication of the winning photographs
  • SEVEN. Exchanging of Prizes
  • EIGHT. Use of Winners’ Image
  • NINE. Anti-fraud measures
  • TEN. No liability for malfunctioning of Internet
  • ELEVEN. Data Protection
  • TWELVE. Intellectual Property
  • THIRTEEN. Possible alterations of the Competition
  • FOURTEEN. Depositing of Rules
  • FIFTEEN. Applicable law and jurisdiction


ONE. Organiser, Territorial Scope, Dates and Participants

PROMOTUR TURISMO CANARIAS, S.A. (PROMOTUR) is the organiser of the competition “The Best Climate in the World”.

PROMOTUR is a public corporation attached to the Department of Tourism of the Canaries Government. Its objects include activities related with the study, promotion, development, publicising and marketing of different tourism products and services in the Canary Islands and the boosting of the tourist attraction of the archipelago. Its registered office is at calle Víctor Hugo, 60, 35006 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and it has tax registration number A35845593.

PROMOTUR will use the professional services of DEC COMUNICACIÓN, S.A., which won the advertising agency services contract tendered for the organisation and management of this competition.

The competition is to be held during the promotion period, from 28 May 2013 to 28 May 2016, both inclusive.

Any internet user aged 18 or over with legal residence in Spain may participate through the microsite http://www.thebestclimateintheworld.com, after completing the requirements established in Rule Four and after.

This competition is not open to the employees of PROMOTUR or DEC COMUNICACIÓN, S.A. or their relatives (up to third degree, by kinship or common-law relationships) or, in general, legal persons, individuals not resident in Spain and anyone under 18.

TWO. Goal

The goal of this competition is to encourage visits to the microsite http://www.thebestclimateintheworld.com with a view to receiving communications from PROMOTUR, be included in its data base and interact within the microsite, all as established in Rule Eleven.

THREE. Prizes

The prizes for this competition consist of:

  • Possibility of displaying the participants’ photographs of their holidays in the Canary Islands in an image gallery.
  • Being selected “photo of the day” every day of the promotion period indicated in Rule One above.

FOUR. Participation

During the promotion period, all internet users eligible to participate according to Rule One who enter the microsite http://www.thebestclimateintheworld.com must register and complete a form which they will find there, entering their personal details (name, surnames, full address, telephone number and e-mail address for contact) and accepting the rules, terms and conditions of this competition and the data protection policy.

Once the participant has completed the form and registered, he/she may upload any photograph he/she may wish, provided it was taken by the participant and corresponds to a trip made to the Canary Islands.

That photograph will be included in an image gallery to be published in this section, and may also be published in the official profiles of PROMOTUR in social networks.

The technical specifications for the photographs are as follows:

  • Maximum size: 20 MB
  • Formats permitted: jpg, jpeg, gif & png

A Jury, made up of representatives of PROMOTUR and the advertising agency DEC COMUNICACIÓN, S.A., will assess the photographs sent in by participants and select one of them as the “photo of the day”, a different one (1) for each day of the promotion period for this competition.

The material submitted by participants must be their own work. PROMOTUR accepts no liability for any third-party claims for infringement of their copyright or intellectual or industrial property rights, or for unlawful invasion of individual or family privacy, infringement of their right to honour and reputation or any other infringement.

PROMOTUR, through the aforesaid Jury, may not accept or exclude, as the case may be, any material submitted by participants in breach of these Rules of which, in its opinion, could interfere with other people’s dignity or violate the values and rights recognised in the Spanish Constitution, especially those referring to children, youth and women.

By participating in this competition, the participants express their acceptance of the rules and the opinion of the Jury and/or PROMOTUR when deciding on any issue arising herefrom or in connection herewith.

FIVE. Claims

Any claims for incidents related with this competition must be made within no more than three (3) months after the end of the promotion period.

SIX. Publication of the winning photographs

PROMOTUR will publish the participants’ photographs in the image gallery of the aforesaid microsite. It will also publish the “photo of the day” every day throughout the promotion period, highlighted within that section of the microsite.

SEVEN. Exchanging of Prizes

The prizes awarded in this competition may under no circumstances be exchanged, altered, swapped for cash compensation or assigned at the request of the winner/s.

EIGHT. Use of Winners’ Image

The winners authorise PROMOTUR to use their names, surnames and image/s in any advertising material published within its promotional activities in the Canary Islands, through any media, on the terms established in Rules Eleven and Twelve. The winners will not be entitled to any remuneration or reward for such use. PROMOTUR may, if appropriate, require that express consent to be given in writing.

NINE. Anti-fraud measures

Should PROMOTUR and/or DEC COMUNICACIÓN, S.A. detect any abnormality or suspect that a participant is preventing normal progress in his/her participation in this competition, unlawfully altering his/her registration or participation through any technical or computing procedure to distort his/her participation, it may unilaterally eliminate the registration of that participant.

In this regard, PROMOTUR has enabled the necessary technological supports to detect any possible fraud, abnormality or wilful misconduct designed to alter participation in this competition with a view to unlawfully obtaining a prize. Therefore, PROMOTUR reserves the right to deregister without notice any participant who is proved or suspected of irregular action in this sense.

TEN. No liability for malfunctioning of Internet

PROMOTUR is not responsible for and may not be held liable for any malfunctioning of Internet or incorrect transmission of contents that may prevent the normal progress of this competition for reasons beyond its control, and especially for external malicious actions.

ELEVEN. Data Protection

The participants expressly accept the use of their names and surnames in such manner and through such means as PROMOTUR may deem fit to publicise the identity of the winners.

Moreover, in pursuance of the Personal Data Protection Act, Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, all the data supplied will be included in a computerised file owned by PROMOTUR, for the purpose of developing promotional activities, mailings and participation in events organised in the Canary Islands.

Participants’ personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at the registered office of PROMOTUR Turismo Canarias, C/ Víctor Hugo, 60 Bajo, 35006 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; or sending an e-mail to webturismolopd@turismodecanarias.com.

TWELVE. Intellectual Property

The winners and other participants in this competition warrant that they have copyright, industrial and/or intellectual property rights, express consent and whatsoever other necessary consent or rights over the photographs submitted and assign exclusively to PROMOTUR all the rights to use the photographs. And PROMOTUR may use those photographs in any advertising material produced within its activity promoting the Canary Islands, as the principal object of the company, through any means related with this competition, publishing them in any advertising material anywhere in the world, including internet, the official profiles of PROMOTUR in social networks and television, subject to no time limits or territorial restrictions. Participants will not be entitled to any economic compensation for such use.

PROMOTUR accepts no liability for default by participants of any warranty regarding image, industrial or intellectual property rights or any liability deriving from breach or inadequate fulfilment by participants of these Rules.

All rights over the contents related with this competition are owned by PROMOTUR.

THIRTEEN. Possible alterations of the Competition

PROMOTUR reserves the right to modify the conditions of this promotion at any time, and even to cancel it before the end of the predetermined time, provided it has just grounds for doing so, and undertakes to inform on the new rules and conditions of the promotion or its cancellation, as the case may be, sufficiently in advance and giving the decision adequate publicity.

FOURTEEN. Depositing of Rules

The Rules for this competition are deposited and registered with the notary of Madrid Carlos del Moral Carro, at calle Serrano, nº 38, 2ª Plta., 28001-Madrid. They are also published in the Electronic File of Competition Rules (ABACO), a general interest service provided by the General Council of Notaries and published at www.notariado.org/liferay/web/notariado/e-notario , and are available for anyone who may wish to consult them on that website and at http://www.thebestclimateintheworld.com.

FIFTEEN. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Rules are governed by and shall be construed and fulfilled in accordance with Spanish law and the parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, to settle any disputes or discrepancies that may arise in connection with the application or interpretation of these Rules.

The expert’s
"The winters in the Canary Islands are nothing like those in the rest of Europe and not even like those on the Iberian Peninsula because, while in many parts of Europe they are below zero, in the Canary Islands people are enjoying sunshine, temperatures of around 25º and surroundings that make everyone else jealous"

Mario Picazo Meteorologist and "weatherman"

4,800 hours of daylight a year