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The Canary Islands - Latitude of life

The characteristics and the
benefits of the climate of the Canary Islands according to specialists

  • Michael Fish Meteorologist

    "I think what I like best about the Canary Islands is that there are no extremes. You can be sure that the weather will be good, unchangeable, sunny and mild."

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  • Minerva Piquero Presenter and "female weathercaster"

    "If I had to define what the summers and winters in the Canary Archipelago are like, I’d say that many areas on mainland Spain would love to experience the summer-like winter weather the Islanders enjoy."

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  • Mario Picazo Meteorologist and "weatherman"

    "The winters in the Canary Islands are nothing like those in the rest of Europe and not even like those on the Iberian Peninsula because, while in many parts of Europe they are below zero, in the Canary Islands people are enjoying sunshine, temperatures of around 25º and surroundings that make everyone else jealous"

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  • Carlos Cabrera Meteorologist and "weatherman"

    "La previsión más común, pues por experiencia, después de tantos años dando el tiempo a nivel nacional es la que a todos los que no estén aquí les gustaría tener: buen tiempo y temperaturas suaves."

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  • Nicolás González Lemus Historian specialising in health tourism

    "I think the Canary Archipelago must be visited for two main reasons: one, for the climate and the other, for the peace and tranquillity that you live and breathe in the Islands".

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  • Antonio Ramos Gordillo Doctor of health sports medicine

    "If I had to describe the climate in the Canary Islands in a single word I would use “sunlight” but I´d also like to link it to something else because sunlight is what really gives us the feeling of great happiness"

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  • Bernardo Hernández Ruiz Environmental psychologist

    "We can safely say that the climate has an important impact on people´s emotions. A suitable number of sunlight hours have a positive effect on people´s moods".

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  • Míchel Jorge Millares Journalist specialising in tourism

    "This is the "garden of sunlight" due to the beauty and contrast of the landscapes together with the sun which shines all year round. I believe there are places here which are considered as annually having the highest number of sunlight hours on the planet".

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  • Eduardo Navarro García Professor of medical hydrology and climatology

    "Bathing in the sea surrounding the Islands is a revitalising therapy due to the therapeutic effects which are so beneficial for our health, and are provided by the sea water and the spa-like sensation found on the shore. Without a doubt, the Canary Islands have the best climate in the world".

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  • Francisco Sánchez Founder and ex director of the Canary Island Institute of Astrophysics (IAC)

    "The Canary Islands are one of the few places in the world that have close to perfect conditions for observing the skies. The best solar photos in the world have been taken from our observatories. And also during the day, by way of infrared images, it’s possible to see the stars".

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  • Anne Igartiburu Television Presenter

    "If I had to take something from the Canary Islands away with me, I'd take the people. Everyone loves them. And if I could take just a little bit more, I'd take their volcanic force."

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  • Cayetana Actress and television presenter

    "When I get back from the Canary Islands, I'm in a much better mood than I was before I left. Just the smell of the sea gives all my energy a boost and uplifts my spirits because I need the sun, the light and the sea to feel alive."

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  • Joan Roca Chef en "El Celler de Can Roca"

    "Shining again means rekindling your spirits, sparking inspiration, getting a breath of fresh air, feeling able to think and create again, which is vital for us."

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  • Sandra Schneiders Journalist, TV presenter and weather forecaster

    "If I had to describe the Canary Islands in one word, thousands would spring to mind, but I think 'relaxation' is what best defines them."

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  • Raquel Sánchez Television Presenter

    "I'd fly off to the Canary Islands every day as soon as I got up in the morning! Thinking of the sea, the sun, the good food and the long strolls on the beach is something I dream of every day."

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Reports and studies

Report from the University
of La Laguna (in Spanish) PDF

Study by the University of
Syracuse in the Consumer
Travel Publication (in English) PDF

Study in the “Anuario de
estudios atlánticos” a yearly publication by the Casa de Colón in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. (in Spanish) PDF

The Canary Islands - Latitude of life 7 Islands
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